Alaska King Crab Research, Rehabilitation & Biology Program


The Alaska King Crab Research, Rehabilitation and Biology, (AKCRRAB), program is a coalition of university federal and stakeholder groups, formed in 2006 with the goals of adding to the scientific understanding of crab life history and ecology, as well as the eventual rehabilitation of depressed king crab stocks in Alaska. AKCRRAB intends to develop scientifically sound strategies for hatching rearing and out planting king crab in Alaska in order to help restore populations to self-sustainability. the initial focus is on red king crab in the Kodiak Island region and on blue king crab near the Pribilof Islands. The technology and life cycle information developed by AKCRRAB are transferable to other crab species and stocks. The partners view the efforts of AKCRRAB as important to the affected regions’ long-term economic development and sustainability. Visit AKCRRAB to learn more.