• The Alaska King Crab Research, Rehabilitation and Biology, (AKCRRAB), program is a coalition of university federal and stakeholder groups, formed in 2006 with the goals of adding to the scientific understanding of crab life history and ecology, as well as the eventual rehabilitation of depressed king crab stocks in Alaska.
    • Marine Advisory Program The Marine Advisory Program (MAP) is a university-based, statewide, outreach and technical assistance program designed to help Alaskans wisely develop, use, conserve, and enjoy Alaska’s marine and coastal resources.
    • ADF&G Mariculture In Alaska there is big talk of mariculture farming. The state is basically making tidelands available for a ten-year lease for people to apply for and raise shellfish. The Department of Fish and Game is hoping that the industry continues to expand to help increase revenue in depressed coastal communities.
    • Hakai Institute conducts long-term scientific research at remote locations on the coastal margin of British Columbia, Canada
    • Alaska Shellfish Grower’s Association The Alaskan Shellfish Growers Association (ASGA) is a private nonprofit organization representing shellfish farmers and those interested in developing shellfish aquaculture in Alaska.
    • Southeast Alaska Regional Dive Fisheries Association, or SARDFA, is a private non-profit, economic development organization representing the harvest divers, processors, and communities of Southeast Alaska.
    • NOAA Fisheries in Kodiak was designed to provide a multi-agency marine research facility that would foster marine fishery research as well as serve as a resource for providing educational opportunities to the Kodiak community.
    • Alaska Ocean Observatory System, (AOOS). The mission of AOOS is to address regional and national needs for ocean information, gather specific data on key coastal and ocean variables, and ensure timely and sustained dissemination and availability of these data.
    • Oceans Alaska is dedicated to the expansion of mariculture and wild stock enhancement for oysters, geoducks, sea cucumbers and kelp in Alaska by making commercial quantities of seed available.