Ocean Acidification Monitoring

The Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery water is continuously monitored for CO2.

burkolator labeled

The “Burk-O-lator” at APSH.

Invented by Burke Hales, Oregon State University

Wiley Evans4*, Jeremy T. Mathis1,2, Jacqueline Ramsay3 and Jeff Hetrick3 
1National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, Washington, USA
2Ocean Acidification Research Center, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA 
3Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery, Seward, Alaska, USA
4The Hakai Institute, British Columbia, Canada

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Wiley Evans, Oceanographer, Hakai Institute

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Burke Hales, Professor, Oregon State University

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Jeremy Mathis, Supervisory Oceanographer, NOAA

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Pacific Marine Environmental Lab


College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Integrated Ocean Observing System


Alaska Ocean Observing System

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Shore-based stations